Who needs planners, anyway?

Hi. I'm Varia. I'm an ad planner (or strategist, as it's called in some countries) - in training. I believe, like Jon Steel, that good strategy can be, if not invaluable, then at least highly useful to an ad campaign. And that bad strategy can do a lot of damage. I've learned this in several months of working on a variety of cool projects with some awesome planners at Arnold Amsterdam. That's why I'm looking for a good mentor - to help me on my track to becoming one of the good ones!

What you will find here:

Planners, naturally, work behind the scenes, and interns work even further behind them, so for the moment, I'm not going to present you with a range of eye-popping, catchy ads. Here, you can read about my background (personal, academic and professional), find out what inspires me and see a few things I've done in advertising.