The condom category has set a firm precedent of talking in clichés and awkward innuendos, its presence on the shelves an impenetrable mire of identical claims and candy-colored packaging. SKYN was an active participant in this game when they came to Sid Lee looking for a new brand campaign.

We realized that the SKYN target audience (the m-word: young, urban, non-married) were living in a completely different world than the category played in. Condom brands acted like their parents (sex was about the birds and the bees, awkward and traditional). 

But for our audience, sex isn't just about what goes on in the bedroom. It's a part of the story of their life. It's about identity, individuality, and choice. And we could be a brand that spoke to that.  

We decided to respond to the "synonym war" and the milieu of clichés in the condom category by playing on a different level entirely. The new SKYN brand platform is called "Feel Everything": a beautiful, succinct summary of what the brand stands for, from a product and a lifestyle point of view. 

An extensive brand strategy definition process followed, and we have created a print and TVC campaign, experiential activation, influencer activation, and CSR assets to bring to life this platform. 

Individual campaign elements saw highest-ever brand awareness, brand affinity and campaign engagement growth for the brand. 
Parent company Ansell credits the "Feel Everything" brand strategy & campaign platform with 12% growth of the SKYN brand. (Business Insider