The context 
Relay42 is a groundbreaking tech company from the Netherlands that quickly grabbed significant market share at home: major banks (ABN AMRO), airlines (KLM/AirFrance), telecom/utilities providers (Vodafone/Ziggo) and beyond (Mazda, Foot Locker). The challenge? Breaking out of the Netherlands meant going head-to-head with some of the most formidable giants of the tech marketing world: Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle - all of whom, regardless of their competitiveness on technology, could easily outmatch us in marketing spend.

The ask
As Senior Brand and Communications Manager, I was brought in to:

(1) Define a strategy for brand awareness outside of the Netherlands.  
(2) Detail a content marketing strategy against the brand awareness strategy. 
(3) Lead the brand marketing team (content and design) to work together with the rest of marketing to raise awareness of our brand around the world. 

The solution
The only way for the company to survive (and thrive) against the MarTech goliaths had to be a challenger strategy by industry (vertical), and I pursued it as follows:

(1) Definition of the brand's thought leadership strategy, both horizontal and industry-specific (vertical), stemming from a combination of product research, in-depth interviews, cross-department collaboration and deep industry research. 

(2) A top-of-funnel brand awareness campaign to draw in new audiences around our challenger messaging: carefully structured marketing activities coordinated with sales outreach and supported by social, events, and even consulting and HR to bring to market a differentiating campaign and three separate industry-specific sub-campaigns. (And as I was down a writer, this involved writing all taglines and lead-generation copy, and heavy editorial involvement with freelance staff to craft all campaign assets and sales materials). 

(3) Leading brand & content marketing team to define and execute a multi-industry content marketing strategy to support a new positioning, including intensive collaboration across departments for industry- and audience- specific expertise, to amplify lead generation activities from the wider team. 

(1) Delivery of 127% of annual MQL target in 2018
(2) Web traffic increase from 2.3K to 30,000K+ monthly unique visitors, and immediate organic lead-generation results via the first brand awareness campaign
(3) Thought leadership positioning that resonated through video, digital and event content