WalkJogRun is a hyper-accurate, ultra-functional run mapping and tracking app, and their blog and newsletter is a best-in-class resource for runners.

As a marathon runner, and as a brand voice obsessive, I’ve always admired their incredible content, so when they said they were hiring freelance writers I jumped at the chance.

I’ve been writing articles for the site since July 2015, and it’s been a wonderful challenge to find topics that have not yet been covered in their massive database. I draw on my background in psychology, my extensive research into various nutrition topics, and the random knowledge I pick up in my day-to-day strategy work to create articles that aim to educate as well as inspire, and always try to offer a unique point of view on the subject.

For example, how running and meditation benefit each other. Or why all runners should go for long walks.

See a list of my articles on the blog.