It was the spring of 2014 and Under Armour had just launched two smash-hit pieces of content for their push into women’s sports apparel (Misty and Gisele). In the U.S., they could seemingly do no wrong, and were just on the cusp of overtaking adidas as the 2nd biggest sports brand.

In the European headquarters, things were not quite so jubilant. Given the organization’s lean-and-mean M.O., a very small (though extremely capable) team was tasked with simultaneously sorting out distribution all the way through to banner ads.

So we brought on as their partner to formulate the digital strategy for Under Armour EMEA.

What followed was an extensive audit of their and competitor’s digital channels; a deep-dive into their target audience segments, what kind of content they wanted to see, where, and when; a content calendar creation for the year ahead; a partnerships & sponsorships strategy; and even an analysis of their office management structure and how it could be adapted to accommodate a digital arm with minimal overhead.

Our final document was called “Under Armour: Digital Battle Plan”. And it was epic.