aBOUT.COM: Russia traveL HUB

Owned the Russia travel website as part of the About.com travel site network. The goal for them: Make ad money. The goal for me: make Russia accessible to the everyday traveler, using keywords and analytics as my guide to what people wanted to know. This was more than a site hosting your typical information, tips, tricks and instructionals on visas and day-trip itineraries. I dove deep into unexplored cities, offbeat attractions, Russian psychology, myths and misconceptions, and even once a delightful digression on the topic of Russian mail-order brides. My articles have been borrowed, copied, cited in books and generally used all over the internet. Some of the most popular have included: 

true russian stereotypes

Some stereotypes are there for a reason. People love to cite this article to support really terrible arguments about Russia. Oops. 


Everyone loves a good etiquette guide, but I wanted to go beyond the basics of 'don't leave your wallet hanging out of your pocket'.

the truth about russian brides

This one came about because I saw that the most common search words associated with "Russia" were "sexy brides". I play to my audience!